Day and night

U2- Ordinary Love

Nagy kontraszt a két kép között, vajon az emberek először balra vagy jobbra figyelnek? Mindkét összeállítást klasszikusnak találom és elegánsnak, mégis nagyon különböznek. A fehér inkább romantikusabb, visszafogottabb karakterre utal, míg a piros egy vadabb, bevállalósabbra. A teszt kedvéért mindkettőben elmentem bulizni.

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Sparkling stones

Lady Gaga- Applause

So here is our third outfit from Balaton. Right now this cute black skirt is my favourite piece of my wardrobe.. I could wear it all time, for any kind of occassion. It’s so chic and it also gives you a perfect shape. I should also mention my new sparkling statement necklace, which I ordered from Ebay, and it took 2 months to arrive… gosh… anyways it is here, and I’m in love with it  .It looks faboulous , isn’t it ?

I’m so sad that summer officially ended, but hopefully we can catch some sunny  days and wear our favourite pieces from 2013 summer. Can’t wait to see the new collections in the stores 🙂

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Corall & Lace

pictures by Keitaro Cloward Bang Bang

One of the prettiest dresses I have ever seen, for affordable price. This beautiful lace dress ,from H&M – conscious collection. I Bought it last summer, but I saw some pieces still there 2 weeks ago. So go and catch it while you can!What do you think about my vintage leather clutch, it’s the perfect size for carrying your most important things, like : make-up, a little wallet, your mobile and keys. With this outfit you can hit the city and gives you a mysterious impression, thanks to its open back.

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