90’s memories

Britney Spears – Baby one more time

I’m still in love with the college style T-shirts, so I just bought a new piece. I think I don’t have to explain the print, I’m a 90’s kid. Despite a few years ago it was a fashion disaster to wear more than 1 piece of denim, but now it is permissible.
Approximately a month ago I fell in love with theese ankle boots, and now I got them from my fiancé.
P.S.: it can be super cool (+safe) if you twist the chain of your bag on your wrist
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All black

DSC_1997Ellie Goulding – Burn

This is maybe our last mini-dress outfit post without getting ill, just for the blog 🙂
We have a new photographer, called Lukács, who is very talented, and we can work easily together. As I have mentioned on the facebook page in a few days we will have a common post with Dorina. Shooting together is very strange for us, we did it only once at spring- except the selfies with front camera, because we have millions of them…
I dyed my hair a few weeks ago from light blonde to light brown,but God knows why, I’m blonde again.. nobody wants me to be brown. So please don’t misunderstand my instagram photos, I’m not a chameleon, simply my hair is crazy 😀
It is very hard to know what should I wear these days. For example when we shot this outfit, in the morning it was raining, then at 1 p.m. the sun was shining. I solve the problem with leggings. But take care you should wear only with a dress, or skirt, because with shorts the outfit will be neglectful.
My main piece is the dress, that I bought in Wien a few years ago. This is some kind of little black dress, but I don’t have to feel embarassed in it, because it is loose-fitting. The decoration on the shoulders make the dress more special- just like some kind of jewellery.
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Pink heels

The Pussycat Dolls – When I grow up

Today, at the afternoon, after a girly sleepover we went to photoshooting. The main conception was the asymmetric dress. Othetrwise, Dorina will show you a same styled dress.
I like this kind of dresses, because they are feminine, and they highlight men’s beloved parts. You will be a bombshell with heels.
The shooting took place at the Castle of Solymár. It totaly worth seeing it.

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Sunny afternoon

Bridgit Mendler – Ready or Not

Először is szeretnénk bocsánatot kérni, amiért mostanában így elhanyagoljuk a blogot, de most az érettségi van az első helyen, ezerrel teperünk, hogy a maximumot tudjuk kihozni magunkból, szóval ez az oka, hogy így eltűntünk.
Egyik délután Dorinával nekivágtunk a belvárosnak sétálni egy kicsit. Persze a fagyinak mi sem tudtunk ellenállni 🙂 Az ilyen csajos beszélgetős délutánokra jobb a minél lazább és kényelmesebb ruha, és persze szigorúan lapostalpú cipő.. ki tudja hova és milyen messzire keveredünk. A képeket egy kedves ismerősünk készítette, aki egy nagyon tehetséges fotóstanonc.




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