Running bear

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love is all I got

Foggy, rainy day in Budapest… I picked my faux fur coat and paired with my super cozy sweater, which is amazing warm. I love also the material and colour of it 🙂 The best of my outfit is my neon beanie, it looks so cool with everything. You can see how big is the difference between the two styles- without and with hat. It gives a special atmosphere to the whole outfit. Hope you also like it !

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Simple and classic

A very simple ,chic and classic look for today. It was a little bit cold, but if you wear more thights and socks and a warm coat this outfit is perfect for these last sunny days. I wore my new favourite super comfortable ,burgundy sweater and my beloved statement necklace from Mango. So good to know that one thing in your wardrobe, like this necklace can give so much plus to your outfit. So girls always watch out in the stores and pick some interesting, flashy things. Nobody can’t afford to buy always new things. Leather- yes I know perfect and perfect material and it looks also sexy 😉

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Sparkling stones

Lady Gaga- Applause

So here is our third outfit from Balaton. Right now this cute black skirt is my favourite piece of my wardrobe.. I could wear it all time, for any kind of occassion. It’s so chic and it also gives you a perfect shape. I should also mention my new sparkling statement necklace, which I ordered from Ebay, and it took 2 months to arrive… gosh… anyways it is here, and I’m in love with it  .It looks faboulous , isn’t it ?

I’m so sad that summer officially ended, but hopefully we can catch some sunny  days and wear our favourite pieces from 2013 summer. Can’t wait to see the new collections in the stores 🙂

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Candy girl

Candy girl- Christina Aquilera
That kind of summer feeling…Fagyi,napszemüveg,short,nyitott cipő. Igen, ez az amit imádok és egyben várok egész évben. Kicsit retróra sikerült az összeállítás, de szerintem nagyon aranyos és csinos lett. Egy vintage, Benetton nadrág, felhajtva és felturbózva színes övekkel. Egy virágos blúz mell alá kötve.Elő a magasított derekú nadrágokkal és élénk rúzsokkal. A mai haj egy egyszerű két oldalról induló fonás, ami körülöleli a fejedet, akár egy hajpánt.

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