Sporty burgundy

John Newman – Love me again

Luckily the weather still allows us to wear sneakers, so mostly I wear these extra comfortable Nike running shoes. This is my fav right now.  On one hand it is perfect for running (on concrete), on the other hand I can easily match it with everyday clothes just like Converse (but it is MUCH more comfortable). I’m in love with the burgundy, so I have this colour on my nails too.
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Hawaii top

Robin Thickle – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell

One of the most fashionable pieces of the summer is the so colled cropped top. But there are some rules, that you must accept.
1. The most important is, that you can only wear it on your perfect beach body (o.k. you can hide some fat in high wasted jeans) 😉
2. You can not show your belly button.
3. You can only wear it with high wasted jeans or skirt.
Otherwise you can wear it on the street, at the seaside or at festivals. I’m sure, that I’ll bring it to the Balaton Sound 🙂
Most of the shops sale tops like this, for maximum 1500  florins.
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“The Great ” Gatsby

Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful

The Great Gatsby.. This was actually one of the movies that I saw and at the end I couldn’t say anything. I never felt the same way before, it was so touching. I know it’s a common love story , but I think it carries a deep message for everybody. The movie said,:we can bring back the past  in to the future. It’s a very interesting question.Sit down ,grab a pen and a paper  and write down your thoughts about it. Yes, I know it’s hard to find any words.

 So let’s talk about my topic today : dresses in the movie. I was so impressed by those magical, gorgeous dresses.A perfect dress can give a woman so much power and self-confidence and in the movie I saw on their faces satisfaction and happiness. If you ask me, this is the most important thing, if you wear a dress. Rule number 1: If you feel sexy, the audience, especially men will see you more beautiful. Rule number 2: If you feel uncomfortable in your dress, you’re very fashionable, because fashion can’t be comfortable ! 😀 I wish I could go back just for one week, and wear those luxurious clothes and accesories and feel like I’m a princess…:)

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