My Fashion Diary-September

A szeptemberi hónap utolsó összeállításai csak színvilágban hasonlítanak egymásra, mindegyikbe megjelenik a szürke, fekete illetve fehér szín is. Valamiért az utóbbi időben teljesen megőrülök a szürke szín összes árnyalatáért, olyan klasszikus színné vált, akár csak a fekete. Mindenhez jól passzol és minden stílusban megállja a helyét. Continue reading “My Fashion Diary-September”


Bangs crush

Who doesn’t want to change their hairstyle ? If we can change our clothes every season, why can’t we change our hair ? 😉 Every woman needs this sometimes.  I also love it and I feel more confident in it. For today I mixed my new things, which I purchased in London. One of the best shops is there Primark. It’s funny how cheap is there everything. I love their brand Atmosphere, I always loved it. They have always the most fashionable pieces in their latest collections for affordable prices. That’s a good marketing ! Also students can buy their things for themselfes.

It’s very cold outside , so I put on a warm, knitted cardigan under my coat. The best of this outfit is my bag. I fell in love with it at first time. You could choose from different letters, of course I chose D.

After the shooting, we went for a lunch break, to one of the best wok bars in Budapest. It’s called PadThai . I love so much the atmosphere in this little restaurant. When I walk in, I feel so much happines. The best of it, that you can see how they prepare your food and it’s so freaking delicious. They give you a very big portion, so the price is comparing to that very good. Of course I have my own favourite one :whole grain noodle with chicken and burma-green curry 😉

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