I collected the nail trends of FALL 2013. The line are very differents,’cause you can find extra dark, and extra bright colours.

Összegyűjtöttem a 2013-as év őszi körömtrendjeit. Eléggé szélsőségesek, mivel az extra sötét és az extra vibráló színek a dominánsak.

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College baby

Katy Perry – Teenage dream
These days I’m super excited about being a college girl. Thanks God we can find a lot of clothes in this style at shops. So after getting the official letter from school I went for some shopping 🙂 This T-shirt or dress is the perfect  piece for me.
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Hawaii top

Robin Thickle – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell

One of the most fashionable pieces of the summer is the so colled cropped top. But there are some rules, that you must accept.
1. The most important is, that you can only wear it on your perfect beach body (o.k. you can hide some fat in high wasted jeans) 😉
2. You can not show your belly button.
3. You can only wear it with high wasted jeans or skirt.
Otherwise you can wear it on the street, at the seaside or at festivals. I’m sure, that I’ll bring it to the Balaton Sound 🙂
Most of the shops sale tops like this, for maximum 1500  florins.
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