Rainbow makeup

Dori 0072
Martin Solveig & The Cataracs – Hey Now

We decided with Ili, to prepare a few kind of makeups for you guys. Just because it is not a great idea to shoot outside, when you non-stop cough. So just to bring back the summer, we prepared a very simple eye-lining, but it consists 4 colors (different shades of blue and green). First I thought, that green won’t match to my blue eyes, but fortunately it isn’t true.

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Everyday make-up

This will be a post that lot of you guys requested to do. It’s about my everyday make-up routine. Lets start with the products , that I use actually every single day, to create the perfect look for the day.

I always start with applying a concealer under my eyes, to avoid that heavy-eyed look. When I have some problems on my skin, like : spots, I use a cover stick foundation, that can be applied directly from the stick and just blend it with your fingers. I don’t love so much using a foundation, because I’ve never had skin problems, but when I should, I choose a BB cream and after it a translucent face powder. After that I love to use my eyeliner. I use also black and brown one, it depends on my mood and of course how dramatic I wanna be. ( I also recommend gel eyeliner and eye pencils ).  For beginners I recommend to buy a harder pencil, because that’s the easiest to use. Gel eyeliners need some time, to learn how to use it in a perfect way. For my eyes and faceshape it looks much better to highlight all over my eyes, to create a frame. I don’t really use any eyeshadows, just when I go out. I use a black mascara that gives a much longer look to my  lashes. To highlight my eyebrows I use under them a basic white colour, you will see the difference how much your face changes. For perfectly designed  eyebrows, you should fill in the gaps with an eyebrow designer pencil, I use for that a brown one. It has a cute brush on the top, that will help you fade into your real eyebrows . To underline my cheek bones, I use a blusher, it’s important to use a little bit on your T-zone also. To end my look, I pick a lip pencil and a colourful lipgloss.

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Cheshire cat make-up tutorial


Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack- Alice Decides

After showing you The Mad Hatter make-up tutorial, here is the next character from the movie, Alice in Wonderland. I’m in love with this crazy cats big smile, so I decided to do a tutorial for you guys. It’s the cheshire cat .  It’s more complicated than but if you are patient than you can do it. I also did a video tutorial for you, so you can easily see step by step. That is the perfect choice if you are invited with your boyfriend to a Halloween party and you wanna be a pair. The Mad Hatter and this Cheshire cat will look awesome next to of eachother. Everybody will love it , I promise you. Hope you like it 🙂

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