Crazy letters

Mike WiLL Made-It ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J – 23

This was a very special photoshoot, because we worked with a young and super talented photographer and  makeup artist. Unfortunately we have that weather that is the nightmare of every blogger. Even it looks nice, and warm, it isn’t. To the end of the photo series my fingers were frozen (not to mention my legs..).
This is not an ordinary set, because most of the cases I wear this skirt for special occasions with an elegant blouse, but now I put on a knitted sweater. I don’t wanted to put on tights, so I wore knee-high stockings folded to the middle of shin. With stockings you can manipulate the look of your ankle boots, just like you have many.
I tried to put some waves in my hair, but thanks to the foggy weather it ruined my 1 hour work in 10 minutes 😦
Just because of the natural hair look, I chose a very simple makeup (that I posted on facebook a few days ago), that Candice wore. It is super easy to prepare, even if you are not professional. In case, you are interested in it, we can make a video, you just have to ask a question on
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Back to the nature


Duck Sause – It’s you
This post belongs to the Balaton series. I really love enjoying the last rays of the summer sun. So I think this is the perfect outfit for a walk and then to a party from where you get home only when the sun comes up. I bought this dress approximately  4 years ago and I’m still in love with it.
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College baby

Katy Perry – Teenage dream
These days I’m super excited about being a college girl. Thanks God we can find a lot of clothes in this style at shops. So after getting the official letter from school I went for some shopping 🙂 This T-shirt or dress is the perfect  piece for me.
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Pink heels

The Pussycat Dolls – When I grow up

Today, at the afternoon, after a girly sleepover we went to photoshooting. The main conception was the asymmetric dress. Othetrwise, Dorina will show you a same styled dress.
I like this kind of dresses, because they are feminine, and they highlight men’s beloved parts. You will be a bombshell with heels.
The shooting took place at the Castle of Solymár. It totaly worth seeing it.

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