London trip 2013

As you may know from facebook, I went last year to London, for a big trip. I spent there 2 weeks and I loved every second of it. I was here when I was a child and I could only remember on the huge, fascinating buildings around city, the London Eye , the Big Ben and of course London Dungeon. It was one of my scarriest experience I can remember. I spend my time with friend and cousins, all around the city. The schedule was first being a tourist, I bought my weekly oyster card and got off by every single station. I saw everything around the 3 zones, you can imagine how much time I had during these 14 days.

Of course shopping was my first thing to do, I was thinking about it a lot of times. I was actually really strong, I only went to Oxford street at my 5th day !!! I was so amazed, walking on a street, where all of my favourite shops are. Usually I’m just sitting in front of my computer and watching for good deals at online shops and now I can see and buy everything I like,like a dream came true 😀 And than I don’t wanna speak about shop-windows, they looked so brilliant and fancy, I couldn’t decide where I should go in.

I made a video from my trip also,hope you like it. We went to Hyde Park, to Winterwonderland , which is so great, I have never thought that a christmas fair can be so huge. Of course I took some boring tourist photos to 😉

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Venezia, the city of love, romance and secrets. I always wanted to visit this special place in my life and in May my dream came true. We left Hungary behind and moved to Venice with my family for a week. I thought at the beginning that this journey will be magical and I was right, everything was so different and fascinating, those colorful buildings and lots of bridges.Unfortunately we had a very bad weather during the nights, but luckily in the afternoons we could catch some sunshine . I fell in love with all those narrow and mistical streets, with the beautiful structured churches. I also found some interesting shops, with amazing shoes and of course :Venice isn’t Venice without different types of masks. You can’t miss this city, put it on your bucket list !

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