Crazy fountain

Ke$ha – Crazy Kids ft.

Just another heavy day on side with Dorina around the city. You won’t guess that I bought this cool denim dress for only 300 HUF!!!! It’s crazy , isn’t it ?! 😀 So as it was extremely hot that day, we decided to jump into the fountain, but just for fun. Honestly it was the best (and coolest) point of my day. Be crazy girls 🙂 Continue reading “Crazy fountain”



David Guetta feat Will I Am – I wanna go crazy
These are probably the hottest days of the summer in Hungary. That’s why I will soon go crazy. The first sympthon is, that I wear a denim skirt, which I have never wore before, (because of my short legs. )
This outfit is perfect for a busy day at the city. Nowadays this is my fav t-shirt, it’s crazy 🙂
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Basics & Neon


Laidback Like vs. Example – Natural Disaster

Today, finally, we were able to go to the Danube Riverbank to act like “catastrophe tourists”. It was out-of-the-way and rather weird, that we were able to walk along on the wharf without any problem. The weather was also on our side, perhaps – taking into consideration the weather forecast – soon I will spring forth from my snug.
As i have mentioned millions of times, I’m a big fan of the so called “simple but gorgeous” outfits. This one shows you perfectly the conception. All of them are basic pieces. Who hasn’t got basic denim shorts and a loose white shirt?! (also can be your boyfriend’s). To avoid being boring as hell I also put on some neon pink accessories.

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Bohem elegance

Asaf Avidan – One day

A tipikus farmer, fehér póló megspékelve. Így simán el tudsz menni bulizni is vagy ha átváltasz egy converse-re akkor suliba is elmegy, vagy csak úgy a mindennapokra. Oké, már lejárt a sálak ideje, de mégis egy színes darab ,nagyon szépen feldobja a megjelenésedet.

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