Ariana and the Rose- In Your Bed

Hey, you may saw that unfortunately Dori left the blog, so I will be the one, that will continue the whole blog. We had an extra page on instagram( marbelouss_fashion), tumblr (www.marbelouss.tumblr.com)especially for marbelouss, but now I decided to share my sites also.

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I found this funny T-shirt at Bershka, I like so much the print : # follower, for a blogger it’s especially a funny piece. I put on a basic ripped , skinny jeans and classic red lips.

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Leather patterns

New love in my wardrobe! I bought two new coats in London, this is one of them and it’s from Primark- Atmosphere. I love so much how these faux-leather patterns are matching the gray colour. I’m wearing my super comfy, kind of chelsea ankle boots, which are also from London, I found it in the New Look shop 😉 My new leather gloves are my best purchase ever , they are from Calvin Klein , however they are also not enough warm… I don’t understand , my hands are freezing in like everything .

This is our first time shooting in a real darkness, hope you like it, I’m in love with the background lights and sky 🙂

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90’s memories

Britney Spears – Baby one more time

I’m still in love with the college style T-shirts, so I just bought a new piece. I think I don’t have to explain the print, I’m a 90’s kid. Despite a few years ago it was a fashion disaster to wear more than 1 piece of denim, but now it is permissible.
Approximately a month ago I fell in love with theese ankle boots, and now I got them from my fiancé.
P.S.: it can be super cool (+safe) if you twist the chain of your bag on your wrist
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College baby

Katy Perry – Teenage dream
These days I’m super excited about being a college girl. Thanks God we can find a lot of clothes in this style at shops. So after getting the official letter from school I went for some shopping 🙂 This T-shirt or dress is the perfect  piece for me.
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