Khaki is the new black

Maroon 5- Animal

Probably this was our last shoot, in my beloved shorts from Only. Sometimes it’s cool to wear something unusual, like this gold coloured jeans. It gives so much power to your whole outfit and it’s just a simple colour change instead of the classic jeans style. As you could see, I’m in love with leopard prints, which is surprising, because I never wore animal prints before. I always thought it looks so cheap and horrible. With this furry watch from DKNY, I feel every time so feminin, it’s so perfect. This autumn, khaki is all around, so pick a T-shirt or pants into your wardrobe.My current favourites are, my military khaki, skinny jeans, that I can easily combine with every style and colours. After seeing all the pictures with Feco, we just realised that this style is matching with Tomb Raider, hope you also like it . The beautiful location, is at Fenyves, were the famous movie, Hercules was rolled. A must see movie and place 😉

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Caviar nails

Caviar nails are the new crazy way of being more fashionable on our nails. I love so many nail polishes, but I’m not that patient one , who is always choosing a new colour , that matches my stlye. This week was special, because I had my birthday, so I tested my pearl nails, which I purchased 1 month ago, in 3 amazing colours. ( purple, green and pink ). All of them look perfect on your nails and I wondered who easy to do it. After choosing the colour i just poured the pearls on my nails and actually that’s it. You ‘re ready for your party, with your beautiful nails.
The only problem is, that it won’t last forever 😀 They are good for like 2 days, but when you just put a little shape, like a circle in the middle, than it will last much longer. Be creative and good luck with it 😉

Burgundy love

Justin Timberlake- Take back the night 

Autumn and summer are dancing in the streets and they won’t stop until 1 month. Our best friends will be those super comfy knitted sweaters. I choosed my new , awesome piece, which is combinated with some faux leather linings. My pants are also like they’re made from leather, but it’s tricky, because they’re from polyester and cotton. I purchased it last winter in New Yorker , but yesterday I also saw the same one at H&M. You can also see how good we can play with different colours. Black and gold won’t die, they look always cool together ( I bought my heels about 5 years ago and my bag about 3 years..).Darker colours meet the make-up products also. Use darker lipsticks and eyeshadows. I always love to do different hairstyles, today I just put a little braid on the left side ,I think the result looks good.

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College baby

Katy Perry – Teenage dream
These days I’m super excited about being a college girl. Thanks God we can find a lot of clothes in this style at shops. So after getting the official letter from school I went for some shopping 🙂 This T-shirt or dress is the perfect  piece for me.
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