Testing- BB cream

Disclosure- F For You

Today I ‘ll test two kind of BB creams- Garnier vs. La Roche Posay. I bought my first one for like a year , but I also forgot about it and didn’t used it. Now I bought for christmas another one and I’m crazy about it. It has got so much advantages, it is a good moisturizer,foundation,sunblock and powder. It’s a super all-in one facial product. The name is coming from : “Blemish Balm “. It has been used only on the Korean and East Asian markets, but now it is avalaible in all of the countries. Yeahhh! Usually all brands offer two shades of their BB cream and for different skin types. I’m using normal or sensitive, and the lightest tone of them. In this test definitely the winner was : La Roche Posay, I like the colour, the way how it covers .Unfortunately it cost more than the Garnier one. The only thing that disappointed me was the covering of red areas. Both of them failed at that point. I recommend all of you guys to try this awesome product, it’s a must have piece in your make-up kit.

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