Simple and classic

A very simple ,chic and classic look for today. It was a little bit cold, but if you wear more thights and socks and a warm coat this outfit is perfect for these last sunny days. I wore my new favourite super comfortable ,burgundy sweater and my beloved statement necklace from Mango. So good to know that one thing in your wardrobe, like this necklace can give so much plus to your outfit. So girls always watch out in the stores and pick some interesting, flashy things. Nobody can’t afford to buy always new things. Leather- yes I know perfect and perfect material and it looks also sexy 😉

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Sporty burgundy

John Newman – Love me again

Luckily the weather still allows us to wear sneakers, so mostly I wear these extra comfortable Nike running shoes. This is my fav right now.  On one hand it is perfect for running (on concrete), on the other hand I can easily match it with everyday clothes just like Converse (but it is MUCH more comfortable). I’m in love with the burgundy, so I have this colour on my nails too.
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Burgundy love

Justin Timberlake- Take back the night 

Autumn and summer are dancing in the streets and they won’t stop until 1 month. Our best friends will be those super comfy knitted sweaters. I choosed my new , awesome piece, which is combinated with some faux leather linings. My pants are also like they’re made from leather, but it’s tricky, because they’re from polyester and cotton. I purchased it last winter in New Yorker , but yesterday I also saw the same one at H&M. You can also see how good we can play with different colours. Black and gold won’t die, they look always cool together ( I bought my heels about 5 years ago and my bag about 3 years..).Darker colours meet the make-up products also. Use darker lipsticks and eyeshadows. I always love to do different hairstyles, today I just put a little braid on the left side ,I think the result looks good.

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I found you !


Csodálatos időt sikerült kifognunk szerdán, oly annyira, hogy pólóban mászkáltunk . A mai összeállításhoz letisztult, egyszerű darabokat választottam. Egyszínű tunikáitokat dobjátok fel egy hozzáillő kendővel sállal, higgyétek, nagyon ütős szett lesz és persze nem jön veled szemben az utcán! 🙂

Ezt a gyönyörű, fehér táskát még hétvégén sikerült elcsípnem, imádom! ( kicsit szerintem a Furla- Candy bag stílusra hajaztak a tervezők.. mellékeltem mellé egy 2011-es New yorki képemet összehasonlításképp).

( nadrág: NewYorker, tunika: H&M, táska:F&F, telitalpú csizma: BeBe)

Képekért külön köszönet: Keitaro Cloward