Caviar nails

Caviar nails are the new crazy way of being more fashionable on our nails. I love so many nail polishes, but I’m not that patient one , who is always choosing a new colour , that matches my stlye. This week was special, because I had my birthday, so I tested my pearl nails, which I purchased 1 month ago, in 3 amazing colours. ( purple, green and pink ). All of them look perfect on your nails and I wondered who easy to do it. After choosing the colour i just poured the pearls on my nails and actually that’s it. You ‘re ready for your party, with your beautiful nails.
The only problem is, that it won’t last forever 😀 They are good for like 2 days, but when you just put a little shape, like a circle in the middle, than it will last much longer. Be creative and good luck with it 😉