Burgundy love

Justin Timberlake- Take back the night 

Autumn and summer are dancing in the streets and they won’t stop until 1 month. Our best friends will be those super comfy knitted sweaters. I choosed my new , awesome piece, which is combinated with some faux leather linings. My pants are also like they’re made from leather, but it’s tricky, because they’re from polyester and cotton. I purchased it last winter in New Yorker , but yesterday I also saw the same one at H&M. You can also see how good we can play with different colours. Black and gold won’t die, they look always cool together ( I bought my heels about 5 years ago and my bag about 3 years..).Darker colours meet the make-up products also. Use darker lipsticks and eyeshadows. I always love to do different hairstyles, today I just put a little braid on the left side ,I think the result looks good.

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Tropical dress

Avicii- Wake Me Up

New amazing dress from Asos, probably one of my favourite piece in this summer. Enjoy it 😉 The beautiful location : Solymár.

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