Ariana and the Rose- In Your Bed

Hey, you may saw that unfortunately Dori left the blog, so I will be the one, that will continue the whole blog. We had an extra page on instagram( marbelouss_fashion), tumblr (www.marbelouss.tumblr.com)especially for marbelouss, but now I decided to share my sites also.

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I found this funny T-shirt at Bershka, I like so much the print : # follower, for a blogger it’s especially a funny piece. I put on a basic ripped , skinny jeans and classic red lips.

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Leather patterns

New love in my wardrobe! I bought two new coats in London, this is one of them and it’s from Primark- Atmosphere. I love so much how these faux-leather patterns are matching the gray colour. I’m wearing my super comfy, kind of chelsea ankle boots, which are also from London, I found it in the New Look shop 😉 My new leather gloves are my best purchase ever , they are from Calvin Klein , however they are also not enough warm… I don’t understand , my hands are freezing in like everything .

This is our first time shooting in a real darkness, hope you like it, I’m in love with the background lights and sky 🙂

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The red bag

Selena Gomez – Stars Dance
For these crazy days, in 10- 15 degrees, all of the girls wanna enjoy their last autumn days . The key for it : go layered. I also wear 2-t-shirts , tights, pulli and a blazer.This outfit is a very basic but gorgeous outfit, that you can wear for going out, for a birthday party or for your date 🙂 All you need is a great, statement bag for it and flashy make-up. All of the other things are basic pieces, which you can find in all wardrobes . Sometimes all you need to be sexy and perfect, to be confident and shine in your outfit, be happy the whole day. Don’t let ruine your day a little bad weather or someone during the day. Enjoy always your life and be marbelouss 😉

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White & Navy

Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven

A nyár beköszöntével előkerülhet a fehér nadrág is. Én azért szeretem mert bármilyen stílusú outfit alapja lehet. Most az ún. navy blue színt választottam, amit ha megbolondítasz egy kis pirossal és arany kiegészítőkkel akkor kész is van a tengerész szerkó 🙂
Nagyon fontos, hogy ne bízzatok a fehér jeggings-ben.. lehajolsz valamiért és máris kész a katasztrófa!!! Lehet hogy olcsóbb, mint a rendes farmer anyag, de akkor is megéri befektetni!
Johhny nagyon király helyet talált a fotózáshoz, a Margit-sziget, Margit-híd felőli oldalánál másztam fel a kőre. Az emberek nagyon furcsán reagálnak arra, ha valaki letér a megszokott útról, de nekem odafentről eléggé vicces volt 🙂


(nadrág, cipő, napszemüveg: H&M, póló: Abercrombie & Fitch, farmerdzseki: Reserved, óra: Ice-Watch)

Képekért külön köszönet: Keitaro Cloward


xoxo, Dori