Good morning


Stefan Biniak- The Read All About It Bootleg

Today I prepared for you guys a very special post, to the categorie gastronomy. This year I wanna also share all of my favourite recipes with all of my beloved followers. As you know this year I’m learning as a confectioner, so it’s very common to see me around the kitchen. I love also learn new things from my mom, of course I’m also reading a lot of magazines.One of my favourite is : the GoodFood magazine from BBC. They have awesome recipes and all of their pictures look super delicious.

Breakfast is our most important meal time during a day. It’s important because it gives you energy for the whole day. I know that nowadays is very fashionable to go on diets and eating just super healthy things.This is the perfect set-up for a quick breakfast- banana, yoghurt and cereals, on a top a little cinnamon. Hope you like it 🙂 TRICK: Banana gives the feeling of fuller longer. It’s a sweet fruit so you don’t need to add any sugar. Cereals and yoghurts contain a lot of vitamins and essential nutrients.

The best of it, you can put in a little glass and can take it with you on your way out the door.

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