Vampire make-up tutorial

This is a creepy and a very easy tutorial, that works on girls and on boys also. For the costume you just need a cool black dress(/shirt. for boys). Products that I used : 3 shades of purple and red eyeshadows, black gel eyeliner from Bobby Brown, Ben Nye Clown white face painting, lip tint and Kryolan fake blood.  Hope you like it 🙂

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Cheshire cat make-up tutorial


Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack- Alice Decides

After showing you The Mad Hatter make-up tutorial, here is the next character from the movie, Alice in Wonderland. I’m in love with this crazy cats big smile, so I decided to do a tutorial for you guys. It’s the cheshire cat .  It’s more complicated than but if you are patient than you can do it. I also did a video tutorial for you, so you can easily see step by step. That is the perfect choice if you are invited with your boyfriend to a Halloween party and you wanna be a pair. The Mad Hatter and this Cheshire cat will look awesome next to of eachother. Everybody will love it , I promise you. Hope you like it 🙂

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Fairy make-up tutorial tips

 A lot of girls are choosing a fairy-tale inspired look for Halloween. I didn’t wanted to do a whole make-up tutorial for that, because there are so many good ones on youtube. I just wanted to show you some tips for it, which you can use in your make-up 🙂

 Egy csomó lány még mindig szeret a tündér mesék világában álmodozni, így amikor halloween-hez kerül sor akkor többen közületek tündérnek szerettek öltözni. Nem szerettem volna egy egész sminket csinálni hozzá , hiszen feleslegesnek tartom, annyi jó kép közül lehet válogatni az interneten. Pár tippet szerettem volna nektek adni, hogy hogyan is lehet feldobni a sminketeket nagyon egyszerűen. Nem lesz sok mindenre szükségetek csak művirágra, papírlapra, ollóra.

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Mad Hatter make-up tutorial

Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack -Alice’s Theme

After watching last week the movie : Alice in wonderland, I got inspired by Johnny Depp’s magic character, called The Mad Hatter. The reason I chose  it, is because it’s super quick and super easy. Everybody can easily do it on their on way at home ,and it takes just 15 minutes 🙂 Hope you also like it !

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