Plum pie

It Was Always You- Maroon 5

One of my favourite dessert is my special apple pie, all of my family members ask for it a lot of times. Now I wanted to find a new flavour.I was walking around in the supermarket and I saw a lot of plums and thought it will have a great taste, sour plum with the sweet dough. I created a very simple and easy recipe for you, so let’s chec it: Bővebben…

Mikolay photostudio

Calvin Harris feat Ellie Goulding- Outside

Last weekend I had the opportunity to involve in a very special project. I was invited to the beautiful Mikolay Photostudio. It’s a fantastic atmosphere in this place, I love the glamorous style when you enter to the rooms. It’s fascinating, they have all of the newest equipments, it’s like a fairytale for photographers. They also have this plus room for make-up, which I loved the most. It’s not common that you can sit in a comfortable chair, while they are doing your make-up. There is also a great team over there.Mikolay Fanni(make-up),Máté Kriszta(photos),Magdi beautysalon(hair). These girls are into transforming the people and bring the best out of them. We can choose from all kind of styles, like: pin-up, moulin rouge or just a basic portrait shoot. This place is the best choice to feel a little bit unique and gorgeous.So girls or boys feel free to contact them on their site. You know don’t forget to be marbelouss ;)


Denim on denim

Lucas Nord feat.Tove Lo-Run On Love

The two must have pieces in our wardrobe : denim shirts and jeans. I own about 10 pairs of jeans in all kind of stlyes and colours and 3 denim shirts. They last forever and will be always in “the top5 clothes to own”.Actually that’s the hardest question, how to choose the perfect one ,they won’t go out of fashion? Well, hard to say, but first of all choose more classical styles: a dark and lighter skinny jeans and a ripped boyfriend jeans .After you already have these, you can pick more extreme ones with bigger wholes or acid wash.In my last outfit post, we could see how to stlye your beloved boyfriend jeans sexy and feminin, now I show you a sample for a more sporty one, which is perfect for school days. I love all of the sneakers, they have a special and outstandig colour. This one is from Adidas and it became one of my best friends. It’s so,so comfortable , you never go wrong with Adidas shoes! To get that extra to our quite basic outfit, I put a chic, vibrant lipstick on, that matches my accessories.


Baked oatmeal- apple & cinnamon

Cheryl- I Don’t Care

Maybe I never mentioned on the blog, that I moved and started my own journey in a new country. On weekends my first thought is always to bake something delicious. After I’ve finished my bakery school in July, I always love to play int the kitchen. I try to figure out new, tasty recipes, which are also healthy. With my new life, I also started a kind of: ” building a better body project” . I try to buy just healthy ingredients and I’m addicted to fruits and vegetables. My favourite breakfast is : oatmeal. It’s so perfect, you can easily combine with every fruits,it’s super healthy, it gives you a lot of energy for th whole day, you aren’t hungry for like 3-4 hours and it’s ready super quickly. This weekend,I made an apple&cinnamon oatmeal and put the whole thing in the oven. It is called : ” baked oatmeal”. I never thought it will turn out so well, it’s definitely a must have one in my baking book! Bővebben…